False lashes for your wedding day – pros and cons

False lashes for wedding day


Should you consider false lashes, eyelash extensions, magnetic lashes or a la naturale lashes for your wedding day? We discuss the pros and cons for each.

Bridal false lashes.

There is no disputing that big beautiful lashes look amazing and finish a bridal look beautifully, but are they for you? And what about the different types of lashes and applications?   Should you opt for full strip false lashes, individual tufts or perhaps go all out and have eyelash extensions for your special day”¦.or maybe just stick with a few coats of waterproof mascara? Well here we look at the pros and cons of each.

Wedding day false lashes
Full strip false lashes“”sometimes referred to as ‘bar lashes’ – come in literally thousands of different styles, lengths, thicknesses and qualities. They can cost anywhere from only a few dollars right up to over $100 for exclusive high end branded lashes. So what should you look for?

Ideally choose lightweight, real human hair lashes that taper from shorter in the inner section to longer in the outer section. The human hair lashes, as opposed to artificial or plastic lashes, provide more flex within the lash and lash base (or spine) which allows the strip to contour better to the eye. Harder plastic lashes are often less flexible and so can lift at the outer edges and cause more irritation to the wearer. Consider the density of the lashes””if they are too thick then your eyes will appear to have a solid black eyelid whereas slightly sparser lashes will allow glimpses of eyeshadow on the lid to show through and give a softer overall look. Often this is more preferred for a bridal look.

Pros:   They have a full length anchor area for which to apply glue to ensure the lashes can be fixed well to the lash base to give them the best chance possible to last all day.   The spine length can be trimmed to fit the eye.   A good full length lash adds instant glamour to any makeup look.   As they are applied with latex (and non-latex)   glue they can easily be removed at the end of the day simply by pulling off the strip of lashes.    

Cons: There is the risk of the edges of the lashes lifting after some time when the glue warms on the body and especially in the hotter months, causing the lashes to shift and then irritate the eye. The lashes themselves weigh nothing however the sensation of the glue may irritate some wearers if they are not used to the feeling of something sitting on their eye.   Eyelids need to be totally dry before applying or the glue may not stick as well.   They can take some getting used to or may make the wearers eyes feel ‘tired’ after prolonged wear.    

Wedding day false lashes
False eyelash tufts “”sometimes the tufts are referred to as ‘flares’ – these are little fan shaped groups of lashes that come together at a tiny pin point base. They are often used on the outer edge of the eye, adding 2-3 tufts to kick out the lashes at the ends, or your makeup artist may prefer to apply more to achieve the desired look. This can be a nice effect for brides wanting only a little touch of extra lash but without going for the full lash look and is often a great option for brides not used to wearing false lashes. Tufts usually come in packs of 50-60 for only $10-$20 a pack, so they are quite economical.    

Pros: If you aren’t too sure about false lashes but would like to add a little bit of extra glam then they could be for you. Also great for ladies who have quite hooded eyes, especially where the hooding is down low towards the inner part of the eye as full strip lashes can hit this area and cause irritation or lift.   Latex glue used to apply can easily be removed at the end of the day.    

Cons: The tiny pin point base gives a miniscule anchor point for the glue and as such it can be tricky to ensure they are glued enough to stay in place. The flares are in a V shape and as such it can be difficult to ensure they stay in the one direction and not twist from the tiny anchor point. When putting 2″”3 tufts next to each other the lash hair will cross over resulting in a criss-cross
look as opposed to having all the lashes going in the same direction with the full strip false lashes.    

Wedding day false lashes
Eyelash extensions“”this procedure is not normally done on the wedding day as it can take 1″”2 hours for a full set of eyelash extensions to be applied and is usually done by someone who specialises in eyelash extensions (some makeup artists are trained in this technique as a separate service they offer) as opposed to a makeup artist on the wedding day. It is usually recommended to have them done 2″”3 days before the wedding day and often after having trialed them beforehand. Eyelash extensions are either single lashes that are applied to your own individual lash or may be a small tuft of lashes that are glued to your own individual lashes. The eyelash technician will lie you down on a bed, place a tiny pad under your closed lashes and then one-by-one separate each lash and glue a longer lash (or tuft) to it. The glue is a permanent glue as opposed to a latex glue used for full strip and tuft lashes. The latex glue is designed to be removed at the end of the day whereas the eyelash extension glue is designed not to be removed (unless by someone specialised in this) and as such they tend to last anywhere from 3″”6 weeks as they fall off when your own natural lash falls out. Our lashes renew themselves approximately every 6 weeks.

The lashes themselves come in a variety of different types and lengths, and you can choose to have a fuller set or a more natural set applied. This would usually relate to the number of lashes applied to each eye and the length of the lashes.

Pros: Longevity, for sure. Once they’re on, you’ve got them on until your own lashes renew themselves so there is a good chance you will have them for your honeymoon. They allow you to wake up and have instant beautiful lashes. Probably the most comfortable of the 4 options for a glamorous false lash look.  

Cons: The cost. They can range from $80″”$200 or more per set, depending on where you go, the quality of the lashes and the skill level of your eyelash technician. If applied too low on the lash you may be able to feel the base of the added lash when you blink, which can irritate your eye, however this would normally only happen if applied by an unskilled technician. Upkeep””you need to brush them daily to ensure they do not get matted and need to take care in removing eye makeup from your eyes so as not to compromise the glue.   They can look sparse when at the end of their ‘cycle’ if you don’t choose to have infills.    

Wedding day false lashes

Magnetic lashes  – there are 2 different types of magnetic lashes.   The original ‘magnetic lashes’ consisted of a split set of lashes with magnetic strips on the base that you would place either side of your own natural lashes and they would magnetically stick together.   Personally, I haven’t come across anyone who was ever able to use these successfully so they didn’t last too long on the market.    

Magnetic lashes phase 2 came out and they are a much better option.   They consist of a special liquid liner that is applied to the base of your own natural lashes and then strip lashes with micro magnets that magnetically adhere to this special liner.    Originally the lashes came out with only 3 or 5 micro magnets along the spine of the lashes but you can now purchase magnetic lashes with up to 10 micro magnets.   Ideally, the 6-10 magnet lashes are the better option as not only do they provide more magnets for securing the lash across the length of the spine, but you will still have plenty of magnets should you need to trim the lash spine length down to fit your own eye.   This is very important.   With the 6-10 magnet lashes the magnets are spaced closer together and as such if one or two magnets need to be trimmed off then you still have ample magnets to secure the lash.   If on a 3 or 5 magnet strip you could end up with some lash spine without a magnet on the end if you did need to trim the lash length.    

Pros:   Easy to apply without having to mess around with glue.   The special liquid liner can be used as both a liquid liner as well as an adhesive.   You can play around with positioning the lashes where they are comfortable by removing and reapplying as many times as you like without having an issue with any glue.   They look the same on as a full strip false lashes.   They can be taken off, stored and re-used multiple times per set.    

Cons:  They are more expensive than full strip false lashes but not as expensive as eyelash extensions.   Some people may not like the look of the thick black (or brown) liner, although some brands are bringing out a clear liner.   Most lashes are best used with their own brand of liquid liner so replacement of this is at an additional cost.    


Whichever way you choose to go with your lashes, if you are considering applying false lashes or having eyelash extensions done for your wedding day PLEASE have a test run beforehand. Most people are okay with wearing false lashes but some are not and for them the lashes can feel heavy on the eye and cause irritation and watery eyes. It’s best that you test this out before the big day.   For those that glue-on lashes do cause irritation, it is often not the weight of the lash itself that causes concern but the glue. The lashes can be removed if they are irritating but the glue residue can remain.

Another thing to consider is the heat of the day””if you are getting married outside in the hotter months then keep in mind that the latex glue can soften in the heat and the lashes shift. The latex glue is waterproof however needs to go on a dry eye. If there are tears, or if the skin is sweaty, then this can compromise how well the glue adheres.   If this is a concern for you then eyelash extensions may be a better option for you or perhaps the new magnetic lashes.    

Other options

Of course, if you’re one of those brides who just isn’t into all the fuss then a few good coats of mascara can also bring your lashes up looking beautiful as well.   Perhaps consideration to a lash lift (eyelash perm) is an option for you?    This is where your own lashes are permed against a micro perming rod/pad resulting in a stunning curl that really opens up the eye.   Usually a lash lift will incorporate a lash tint as well and often this combination is a great option for brides.   Lash lifts are performed by a beautician specially training in this field. It takes around 45 minutes with an amazing effect that can last 4-6 weeks.    


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Written by Lisa Thomas – makeup artist & Founder of Makeup & Hair 4 Brides