If you have ever seen photos of a Mooloolaba beach wedding then you’ll know how absolutely beautiful they can be. The beautiful aqua sea, the golden sands and the breeze in your hair – it an be the most perfect day.   But if you are planning a beach wedding then you need to plan carefully.

As far as beaches and weddings go, a Mooloolaba Beach wedding is right up there with the best of them.   It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the country but also has the luxury of being surrounded by quality accommodation, great restaurants and cafes, as well as venues for your wedding reception.

Some of the great Mooloolaba beach wedding reception venues are:   The Surf Club, Mooloolaba www.thesurfclub.com.au   See Restaurant www.seerestaurant.com.au   and Pier33 www.pier33.com.au to name a few.   All of these restaurants cater to brides and grooms wanting to hold their wedding at the beach and then venture inside for the wedding reception, but they also provide a wet weather option for the ceremony, just in case.   It is important to consider this when planning a Mooloolaba Beach wedding – you just might need a plan B.   Murphy’s Law dictates that if you have a plan B, you probably won’t need it…but if you don’t, then there is a high chance you will.

To hold the perfect Mooloolaba Beach wedding you really need to factor in a number of things: The temperature on the day; making sure you book your spot with the local council; you organise someone to set up the ceremony location – either a stylist or a family friend. But you also need to take into consideration the wind, the high tides, of course rain, and the sand.   You might like to consider the option of finding a nice grassy patch that overlooks   the beach but is more comfortable for the oldies who may not be so keen to walk on the sand in their new shoes and stockings.   Yes, grandma, we’re looking at you.   But of course there’s nothing stopping grandma from taking off her shoes and the sand under her toes as well.

So if you are planning a Mooloolaba Beach wedding then be sure to plan your wedding makeup and hair styling to suit.   Hair styling in particuar should be less structured so as to allow movement in the breeze.   If you select a fixed formal hair style then this may look out of place   when the wind blows a few hairs out of alignment.   Often makeup for a beach wedding is kept beautiful and soft, usually less formal compared to an indoor, chapel or church wedding where the emphasis is on perfection.

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