So what is Classic wedding makeup?   You’ve probably heard this term but do you really know what it is?

Well Classic wedding makeup has been around for well over a century and is one of the oldest wedding makeup looks.   It is often associated with a beautiful natural eye makeup but with a strong lip, usually a strong red lipstick.   Often the foundation is kept matte with a subtle touch of blusher so as not to detract from the boldness of the lip.   Over the years this look has evolved with more strength being added to the eyes but usually to the top of the eyes and eyelids as opposed to the bottom which remains nude.   Strong thick black eyeliner has been added and often with the addition of full strip false lashes.   This look became more prevalent in the fifties and sixties and is still very much enjoyed today.

Wearing a classic wedding makeup can require a bit of maintenance on the wedding day.   Any strong lip colour needs to be maintained to ensure the lipstick always looks fresh.   Bold red lipstick isn’t as forgiving as softer lip colours which blend more easily into the natural lip base so don’t show as much when they start to wear.   When a red lipstick starts to wear it can look faded and spoil the overall finished look.

Brides who choose a classic wedding makeup look need to be aware of the need for regular lipstick touchups and often a little touch of loose translucent powder to keep the foundation matte on a hot day.   It is a beautiful timeless wedding makeup look that almost anyone can pull off with the right application.   It is also a good idea to choose a makeup artist who is well experienced in this look to ensure you achieve a true to form genuine look.

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