A classic bridal upstyle is stunning and never goes out of date.   But what if you want something just a little bit different for your wedding date?   Well lucky for you, anything goes on a wedding day.

Hair stylists and makeup artists are creative creatures.   They love to explore new trends and create new looks so nothing excites them more than being given free reign to ‘do their thing’.   If you want the best out of a creative person then let them play and see what they come up with.   Sure, you can have some imput, and this is encouraged, but if you give them a rough idea of what you are after and then let them do the rest, you will often get an amazing result with your bridal upstyle.

So how do you find a hair stylist who specialialty is the bridal upstyle?   You simply search for them via the new Makeup & Hair 4 Brides marketplace website.   Here is the link:   4brides.com.au/search

You can view individual profiles of the stylists including a gallery of their own work to see whose bridal upstyle work you love the most.   Then read their biographies to find out more about their experiences and skill levels.   See the services that they offer including hair styling for different types of hair as well as traditional rollers and set for the older members of your group.

Whether you choose a bridal upstyle, downstyle curls, Hollywood curls, a tight chignon or ballerina bun, or anything in between, your hair stylist will want to ensure you are happy with your wedding day hair style.   It is a great idea to have a bridal hair trial beforehand to make sure you have the right length of hair to achieve the look you are after, as well as the ideal thickness and condition.   These three things are important for your wedding day.

At your hair trial your hair stylist will create your wedding upstyle and may use only minimal hair styling products compared to the wedding day to allow him/her to be able to move the hair to show you some variations.   Keep in mind that your hair will have a lot more product in it on the wedding day as the final hair style has already been determined so there is minimal chance it will require movement.

Photography by www.jenniferoliphant.com.au