Looking for Asian makeup but don’t know where to start?   Then you’ve come to the right place.   The new Makeup & Hair 4 Brides marketplace is perfect for you.

Search for makeup artists who specialise in Asian makeup using the ‘search’ function in the website.   You can then view the individual profiles of each stylist including a gallery of their own work to see whose work best resonates with you.   Perhaps you have special requirements like eye lid taping?   Yes, you can search for makeup artists who offer this service too.

Asian makeup is a required skill and as such it is recommended to find a makeup artist who is experienced in this area.   Foundation shades can be different with varying different undertones, often tending more towards a yellow base than a pink base.    A sound knowledge of working with Asian shaped eyes is also helpful in bringing out the best of this feature for the brides.

It is not unusual for brides looking for Asian makeup to want to create the illusion of larger more rounded eyes. This is probably one of the most requested looks when asked to do Asian makeup.   Eyelid taping can also help to open up the eye area and create a more deep set eye and socket line.

We are often taking bookings from Asian brides from all regions including Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, The Phillippines, Vietnam and China, just to name a few.   Every country has their own special Asian makeup looks that they will want us to create in keeping with their own traditions.   It is this sort of creativity that makeup artists love about their job.   Asian makeup can be quite challenging at times but it is also one of the most rewarding makeup looks a makeup artist can complete.

Search makeup artist profiles here: 4brides.com.au/search