Bridal hair styling is a specialised field of hairdressing.   It takes years to master the craft and develop the skills to achieve the beautiful hair styles you see online.

So where to start to find the right bridal hair styling for your wedding day?   Look at magazines, online websites, Instagram of course, plus join wedding Facebook groups and see what other brides are wearing.   Or perhaps you would prefer to meet with your hair stylist and allow them to create a look that is just right for you.

Your hair stylists needs to work with you to design a style that will work with the length, thickness and condition of hair that you have.   Not all wedding hair styling is able to be achieved on everyone.   Some brides may have quite fine hair and as such hair padding may be required to add extra fullness and lift to achieve the style.   Others may not have the required length to create the bridal hair styling look that the bride is after and therefore hair extensions may be required.   It is very important to have a hair trial before your wedding day to discuss the kind of bridal hair styling you want to achieve.

Working with a professional hair stylist who specialises in wedding hair styling in very important. Not only do they have the skills to create the look for you but also the know how to ensure it lasts throughout the day and late into the evening which is typical of the requirements of bridal hair styling.

We make it easy to find your ideal stylist via the Makeup & Hair 4 Brides website.   You can search for specific skills and then request a quote for the exact bridal hair styling that you require for the day.   This will then display a timeline for your wedding hair styling booking to ensure your day runs smoothly.

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