Meet the Visionary Director and Founder of Makeup & Hair 4 Brides

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Lisa Thomas, a visionary director and founder of Makeup & Hair 4 Brides.

A leader who opens the road for innovation and turns dreams into reality. As a sole makeup artist, she started Makeup 4 Brides offering a fully mobile wedding day service to brides.

Makeup & Hair 4 Brides is a marketplace in the field of bridal beauty that connects brides-to-be with creative hair and makeup artists, transforming the way weddings are planned.

This blog delves into the enthralling story of the director and founder.

“Weddings are such a special and precious time. There is something so rewarding about being part of a bride’s special day. From the initial meeting where we work on creating a design just right for her, right through to seeing her reaction when the dress goes on and the beautiful bride she dreamed of becomes reality. It is also a magical moment watching mum and dad see their baby girl for the first time as a beautiful bride. You can never tire of these moments.”



Our History
  • Hair 4 Brides

As the business grew, so did the need for hair styling services. Lisa began by recommending hair stylists in the business, but after receiving mixed feedback from brides, she decided to launch Hair 4 Brides as well, adhering to the same standards and ethics as Makeup 4 Brides.

They would hire one team for a wedding and only arrange a second wedding for that team if the timings of the first booking did not conflict. They continue to operate in the same manner to this day.


  • Expansion

As the company grew, so did the desire to expand beyond the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

They then began receiving inquiries from bridesmaids who had used their services and wanted to utilize the artists in Sydney and Melbourne, so Lisa decided to expand there as well, with local makeup artists and hair stylists in place. 


  • New Direction

As the wedding market altered and adapted, as did the ever-changing technology landscape, it became clear that brides’ needs had shifted as well. They desired more information about their personal stylists as well as more options.

Some desired just the most skilled stylists, while others wanted stylists within their budget. Many people were looking for unique services, skills, or had special needs.

This is when the concept of a marketplace website emerged.


  • New Marketplace

The custom developed double-sided marketplace was launched after 4 years of development. It puts all of the information for brides at their fingertips, with fast access to explore individual stylist profiles, verify availability, obtain an instant quotation, and book online.

For stylists, the marketplace removes the administrative burden of running a business, allowing them to focus on what they do best: stunning makeup and hair styling.

Brides-to-be and stylists have discovered a common ground to communicate, collaborate, and create amazing wedding experiences thanks to Makeup & Hair 4 Brides Marketplace.

Lisa has transformed bridal beauty from the first spark of imagination to the realization of a vibrant business. As we come to the end of this blog, we ask you to embrace the vision and explore the limitless possibilities that exist within the realm of bridal happiness.

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